Monday, November 16, 2009

How old do you have to be to get implants? How much does it cost?

okay i know this might sound weird and although im going to have huge boobs later on in life.. i want implants NOW! but i dont know how much it costs...

i want them to be lie Farrah's from rock of love bus.. if you want a visual!

How old do you have to be to get implants? How much does it cost?
Farrah has some big boobs it depends on your body frame. I have nothing again implants I want them myself and i dont want to wait either just know if you dont wait they could possibly sag after children and you would have to go back in for a lift more $$ but out here in cali i have seen them as low as 2,500 which is an amazing price ust make sure to research your doc there are alot of twisted ones out there. and dont do it because of some show do it for you and if thats what you truely want go for it! you only live once and they can always be taken out if you change your mind.
Reply:Well, I think the wench that typed above me referring you to a S L U T can mind her own business if she doesn't have anything nice to say regarding you question. I too am looking for larger breasts, the only difference is that I WON'T get implants. I am not sure if I even want larger breasts, I just know that mine are TINY. I wouldn't mind an enhancer, but I am still doing research. I don't know much about implants cause it's not my interest, I wish you luck!!!
Reply:thank you free masonry and corrupt america for putting mindless sht on tv and turning our youth into degenerate sperm bank skank wannabes


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